Treatment Oil

Can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, this completely transformative hair treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine leaving you nourished, manageable and smooth hair with each use.

Treatment Light

Specifically formulated for the delicate needs of light-coloured and fine hair.

Moulding Cream

Shape, sculpt and design perfectly texturized hair. Pliable styling cream infused with thickening fibers that create natural-looking texture and definition for multiple styles. Enriched with argan oil to hydrate, it provides on-the-go hair styling with structure, long-lasting flexible hold and a semi-matte finish.

Blow-dry Concentrate

Specifically formulated for very rebellious, highly  unmanageable hair. Provides intense frizz control and facilitates easier blowouts. Creates a polished, ultra-smooth look while increasing  softness, shine and silkiness.


K-Pak Shampoo

To say that K-PAK shampoo “cleanses your hair,” is like saying a Chanel coat “keeps you warm.” Sure, it gets the grime out… but it also turns your cleansing into the first step of a reconstruction process specifically designed for hair that’s been put through the ringer. Whether it’s overzealous thermal styling or harsh chemical services, it actually restores hair’s original condition, increasing strength, and giving it a cloak of protection to fend off future damage.

K-Pak Conditioner

We’re on a mission to repair hair that’s been assaulted by the rigors of, well  everything. Could be an obsessive relationship with your flat iron; or a few too many trysts with hot rollers; or going blonde, blonde, and blonder. But when the damage is done, K-PAK conditioner zeroes in on that ravaged cuticle, filling in the battle zones with moisture, silkiness and strength so nothing tangles with your tresses again.

K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment

Is great for damaged hair. It will leave your hair shiny, strong, manageable and healthy looking. Contains the highest amount of Quadramine Complex than any other product in the Joico family. This product also results in an immediately noticeable difference in strength, texture and appearance to your hair.

K-Pak Colour Therapy Shampoo

When you’ve shelled out big bucks for a colour service – and finally nailed that perfect shade, shine, and intensity – the last thing you want is an ordinary shampoo that washes your investment right down the drain. Literally. And that’s why we formulated a gentle cleanser that never strips your strands, and actually doubles the life of your hair-colour’s vibrancy and longevity. It’s a breakthrough product that preserves and protects against future damage.      

K-Pak Colour Therapy Conditioner

You can choose a shampoo that avoids stripping hair of beautiful, new colour… but you’ll double your efforts if you reach for our companion conditioner. It not only protects your colour investment but actually hydrates and repairs hair at the same time. How’s that for therapy?

K-Pak Colour Therapy Lusta Loc

Restore radiant, healthy-looking hair with. Harnessing the powers of deeply nourishing Manketti and Argan Oils, the restorative formula can be used to add mirror-like shine to dull locks, Ideal for colour-treated hair, from blondes to brunettes and lowlights to highlights, its unique QuadraBond Peptide Complex seals the hair's outer layer to lock in colour vibrancy, whilst a luxurious blend of Silk, Soy and Seaweed Extract shield against heat styling damage. Expect hydrated, revitalised locks with a smooth, glossy finish.

K-Pak Colour Therapy Restorative Styling Oil

Our brilliant hybrid version delivers all the high-powered punch of a professional conditioning treatment, with the most featherweight  shine-meisters that give hair a healthy, lustrous finish.

Curl Shampoo

We like to think of curls as a blessing; and you’re going to start seeing them that way, too, once you shampoo with this sulfate-free, purifying formula–specifically designed to put the boing back in your ‘do. As in: full-body curls that move and bounce without a frizzy strand in sight; breakage reduced by 64 percent. If that doesn’t have you jumping for joi, we don’t know what will…

Curl Conditioner

Formulated to weightlessly nourish and rebuild curls while kicking frizz to the curb. Leave it in if you want supreme moisture and a whole lot of control over your thick, coarse, “misbehaving” curls; rinse it out if you’re looking for featherweight hydration on fine, delicate coils.

Body Luxe Volumizing Shampoo

Want to bulk up without gaining an ounce? We have the skinny on how you can do exactly that: It Powers up the body, volume, and thickness of the finest strands without weighing hair down. Watch your texture transform before your very eyes… a before-and-after.

Body Luxe Volumizing Conditioner

Most “plumping” conditioners bulk you up, but they can also weigh you down, which is the last thing a head of fine hair wants to hear. Our luxurious formula manages to give you all the lift and dimension you’re looking for, while leaving hair bouncy, buoyant… and tangle free.

Body Luxe Volumizing Elixir

If you build it, it will come. We’re talking dramatic volume here… the kind your limp hair will instantly get after just one go-round with our lightweight, heat-activated styling lotion. It’s a powerful Elixir that creates a luxuriously dense effect in a single application.

Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Foam (non-aerosol)

 Enriched with hydrolized oat protein, it deposits onto the hair to create thickness, whilst silicones protect the hair from heat styling, preventing damage and weakening. The weightless foam is activated by heat, enveloping each strand to boost volume, whilst creating a soft feel and fluid movement. Your locks will be left big and bouncy, exuding health and vitality.

Ironclad Thermo Protect

Deep-sea antioxidant AquaLastik is activated by heat and light to shield against styling tools up to 230°C, whilst its innovative Bio-Advanced Peptide. Forming a protective barrier between heat and hair to leave you with super sleek, smooth locks, the spray is perfect for all hair types, especially frizz-prone. Non-greasy and ultra-lightweight, the mist delivers flexible hold and strengthens hair from root to tip.

Moisture Recovery Shampoo

You know what it’s like to be thirsty and parched; grateful for a long, tall drink of water to rehydrate you in minutes. Your hair knows what that’s like, too… and it will literally lap up the hydration that our Moisture Recovery Shampoo pours into each and every strand. Our rich, luxurious formula actually restores smoothness and elasticity to hair that’s lost its mojo.

Moisture Recovery Conditioner

Funny how wet hair can be dry; but, believe us, it can… especially after daily shampoos that zap locks of much-needed moisture. Fortunately, it only takes a minute for our intensely-hydrating Recovery Conditioner to come

 to the rescue and inject a whole lot of life back into tired,

fried, and frizzy tresses; actually reducing breakage by 55%.

Moisture Recovery Treatment 

A wonderful multi-tasker, the intensive formula effectively rehydrates your locks, as well as helping to reduce frizz. Your hair will be left much more manageable, with increased shine and movement. 

Color Endure Violet Shampoo

Blondes may have more fun… but trust us, they have a lot more fun when their icy color stays sassy not brassy. And no shade on the color wheel helps maintain this cool more effectively than violet – the classic counterpoint that banishes oxidized yellowing; maintains the integrity of gray hair; and even turns into an instant at-the-sink toner following a blonde color service. That’s a whole lotta power for purple, don’t you think?

Color Endure Violet Conditioner

You put your shampoo in, you rinse your shampoo out, you put your Violet Conditioner in and you let it all hang out… for about one-to-three minutes. Because that’s how long it takes for our perfect purple moisturizer to knock the brassy tones right out of cool blondes (and gray) heads.

Color Endure Shampoo

Hold on to that salon-fresh feeling for longer with. The gentle shampoo effectively removes excess oil and dirt from your locks, protecting colour vibrancy and making it last for up to 33% longer. After 18 washes, 86% of your hair colour will be preserved, with improved strength, softness, shine and manageability. Particulaly ideal for red hair colours, it maintains 88% of colour between treatments. Your hair will be kept looking radiant and fresh, with reduced tonal change, so you can put off that visit to the salon.

Color Endure Conditioner

The gentle conditioner effectively detangles and smoothes your locks, Sulfate-free Color Endure keeps color true to hue with our triple-threat Multi-spectrum Defense Complex, TM a mega complex of fade-defying Green Tea, antioxidants and UV protectors that fight both the physical and environmental factors that can cause fading and tonal change.



Our brilliant BC Time Restore Complex combines Q10 with breakthrough Nutrifiller technology to immediately erase visible signs of ageing while Q10+ stimulates the hair root to reactivate keratin production. Black Pearl extract stimulates keratin production and leaves hair shiny, full of swing and vitality.

 OMEGA 3 A substance detectable in every human cell and indispensable for the energy production in the respiratory chain, powerful co-enzyme Omega 3 is known in the food and cosmetic industries for providing the essential lipid nutrients needed to maintain hair and skin in optimum condition, as well as preventing signs of ageing. It helps to tame wiry, coarse, unruly hair while it smoothes the hair surface.

Plumping Conditioning Spray

It conditions while adding body to fine or thinning hair.  Hair feels full of strength and vitality.

BC Hairtherapy Color Freeze CC Control Cream

A weightless leave-in treatment for complete control with heat protection

Benefits: Weightless leave in treatment Complete control Panthenol provides additional moisture Hydrolysed keratin improves elasticity and strength Cationic ingredients protect the hair from styling heat up to 220°C 48 hour frizz control.

BC Hairtherapy Moisture Kick Beauty Balm

Its formulation contains hyaluronic acid derivative, which injects moisture into the hair structure; panthenol which provides essential moisture; and Amino Cell Rebuild Technology to strengthen the architecture inside the hair cell. A moisturising care & styling balm with added heat protection.

BC Hairtherapy 

Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner

An instantly hydrating, lightweight spray conditioner for normal to dry, brittle or curly hair. For great combabilty for wet or dry hair. 


Pure Formula, Invisible Hold High quality, purified, active ingredients and fine, micro-sized film-forming agents ensure even and light coverage. The hair maintains natural texture and great shine.

Super Hold Lacquer

Provides strong hold and natural shine with even distribution. Long-lasting, yet invisible hold, quick drying, no Stickiness and brushes out easily.

Super Hold Mousse

For maximum volume and super hold without burdening the hair.

Color Brilliance Strong Hold Hairspray

Extreme long-lasting, invisible hold with Innovative high-shine polymer technology Nurturing Vitamin Complex Colour Protecting UV-Filter.  






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