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Teen Glam 

Looking for something special to celebrate a teen's birthday? Look no further! Book a Teen Glam Party at Jdaw Mini that they will love!

Whether it's to celebrate a birthday or you want to treat your teenager to something extraordinary, Jdaw Mini have got it covered.

With exclusive access to the hair and beauty salon for them and up to 5 friends, they will definitely feel like VIP's. Included:
*Glamorous Eye Makeup

*Beautiful Hair 
*Stylish Nails
*Plenty Of Selfie Opportunities!

Bespoke packages can be created for your teenager to include all or some of the above. Feel free to add your own touches to the party and bring your own cake, balloons and food.

The Teen Glam Party is for ages 10-17.
£100 for 3 girls 1 Hr
£200 for 6 girls 2 Hrs

BFF Package £60 1 Hr

Go above and beyond and do something different for them this birthday. We would love to take care of your teenager's party and create an unforgettable experience for them and their friends!



Glam Fairy

Would your little one like to have a hair & beauty salon all to themselves?
I think the answer will be a big ‘Yes!’ The salon is all yours!
They can explore the dress rail, where they will each choose from a selection of fairy costumes.

Then the pampering begins as the girls are transformed into fairies. With fun makeup, beautiful hair, cool glitter tattoos and stylish nails! 
Don't forget pass the parcel and karaoke too!

To finish off the party, the girls will show off their fairy make-over in their very own catwalk show!

Feel free to bring your own food, cake, balloons etc...

2 Hours £200 for 10 Girls

1 Hour £100 for 5 Girls

BFF Package £40 for 1hr

Ages from 4ish-10ish

Festival Glam !

This party is aimed at the girls that are at the in-between age of both parties. They will have festival inspired hair and makeup with everything that’s also in the other parties.

*Stylish Nails

*Sing Along

*Plenty of Selfie Opportunities!

2 Hours £200 for 8 Girls

1 Hour £100 for 4 Girls

BFF Package £50 for 1hr

Ages from 7ish-12ish

Glam Party!

Ages 18 - 100 and up to 6 ladies!

Bring your best clothes/pyjamas for your night of glam consisting of OPI Gel Colour nails and tonged hair, straightened hair or a simple hair-up. 

Coming Soon !!!!!



Feel free to bring your own food, cake, balloons Etc... 

But sorry no alcohol 




You can bring extra girls but they might not get everyting done x There must be two adults present at the 2 hour Glam Party.

For ease of getting the faries into their dresses, we recommend wearing leggings and a vest top of some sort.  

Sorry but only picky food as there is no access to a kitchen.


All parties require  payment in full at time of booking.

This is a professional working salon and the management reserves the right to exclude any unruly or intoxicated party goers.

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